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About the Treatment

What is Morpheus8?

It is a popularly requested treatment targeting facial, neck and body remodeling. The device handpieces have 12, 24 and 40 thin gold-plated microneedles that deliver radiofrequency, or RF, energy into the dermal and subdermal layers of the skin, leading to collagen stimulation and collagen remodeling. The end result is an improvement to the health and appearance of the treated skin.

What are the different types of Morpheus8?

Depending on the patient’s goal for treatment and the underlying problem, Dr. Judy Wei will recommend the right type of treatment protocol. The Morpheus8 platform has three types of fractional tips with different microneedling configurations:

  • 12 pin Morpheus8 Prime – designed for small areas, such as upper lip and areas around the eyes. This is the ideal tip to treat the thin skin around the eyes and the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. In the right candidate, this can also be used to decrease undereye bags and festoons, an excellent option for those not ready for surgical blepharoplasty.

  • 24 pin Morpheus8 – designed for larger areas, such as the forehead, face, neck and knees. This is the most popular tip.

  • 24 pin Morpheus8 Resurfacing – like the name, it is designed for resurfacing rough and irregular skin textures, such as acne scars.

  • 40 pin Morpheus8 Body – designed for larger body areas, such as abdomens, thighs, arms, hips and buttocks. While utilizing the 3D Smart Frame and Burst technology, Morpheus8 Body delivers the deepest fractional treatments available, allowing for subdermal adipose remodeling of larger body areas. Collagen stimulation is at its maximum and results are amazing.

Who is a good candidate? Who is NOT a candidate?

Great candidates for Morpheus8 treatments are those who have loose and saggy skin in the face, neck, abdomen, arms, thighs and above the knees. People who are looking to improve their skin texture, decrease fine lines, rid of their early jowling and enhance their jawline should definitely consider the Morpheus8 treatment.

How is the treatment done?

This procedure is done in the office while awake. After photos are taken, a topical anesthetic cream will be applied to the treated area for 45-60 minutes. Afterwards, your skin will be cleaned and prepped for treatment by our experienced providers. The treatment can take from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. Patients can resume simple normal activities after the treatment. We ask you to avoid direct sunlight, excessive heat and sweating, and makeup in the area for the following days.

Is it painful?

Morpheus8 is not a painless procedure; but it is well tolerated by patients. We apply a medical grade anesthetic cream for 45-60 minutes, which is sufficient for the majority of treatments and patients. However, in certain areas being treated, anesthetic medication may need to be injected to provide optimal pain control, a.k.a. tumescent anesthesia or nerve block. In our office, we not only focus on results, we care about our patients’ comfort and experience. Nitrous gas, or Nitronox, is also available to take the edge off of the discomfort.

How long to see results?

You will start seeing Morpheus8 results 3-4 weeks after the final session of your first procedure.

Why do the procedure? What are the benefits?

Morpheus 8 offers a non-invasive solution for skin rejuvenation and tightening by combining microneedling with radiofrequency energy. This innovative treatment stimulates collagen production, enhances skin texture, and reduces wrinkles, yielding smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin.

How long is recovery?

Depending on the specific treatment protocol, most patients experience mild redness and swelling in the treated areas, which can be minimized with icing and arnica after treatment. It is common to have some bruising, but if the treatment is targeting deeper adipose tissue then bruising will be more significant. With most treatments, there may be 3-5 days of downtime. With more aggressive treatments, do plan for couple of weeks to recover to baseline.

How often do you have to follow up/maintenance?

Depending on your Morpheus8 treatment plan you can expect to have between 1-3 treatment sessions. It also depends on how aggressive your treatment is and the severity of laxity and skin quality.

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