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About the Procedure

What is the ALMI FemShot?

The ALMI™ (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) FemShot is a minimally-invasive and non-pharmacological solution for treating vaginal atrophy and its after-effects. It stimulates angiogenesis (a new blood supply) and re-activates the production of new collagen, which re-establishes the vaginal mucosa you once had. The active bio-cellular mix stimulates the tissue of the vaginal mucosa, inducing the production of collagen, which then improves the functionality of the treated area and restores the proper trophic balance to the mucous membrane. The results are that the dryness and pain you were experiencing before ALMI™ is noticeably improved, which helps to restore your confidence about becoming intimate without fear of discomfort.

Who is a good candidate? Who is NOT a candidate?

Good candidates should be in good health and have realistic expectations of the results. Most women can be considered good candidates if they have an adequate amount of fat on either the stomach, flanks, or buttocks for the extraction. Candidates should refrain from injecting synthetic materials into their skin (such as dermal fillers or Botox).

What does the ALMI FemShot treat?

ALMI™ FemShot has been shown to help improve a variety of conditions for overall vaginal health, including:

  • Signs of childbirth and aging

  • Vaginal atrophy, tone, flexibility, and shape

  • Dryness, itchiness, and pain

  • Incontinence

  • Painful intercourse

How is the treatment done?

The ALMI micro iced fat and stem cells are injected into the vaginal area for functional and cosmetic restoration as well as rejuvenation. The treatment takes about 45 minutes and is

virtually painless.

Why do the treatment?

The treatment increases blood flow and restores signaling, therefore improving sensation, lubrication, vaginal PH and flora, engorgement and orgasms. It can also help with grade 1-2 urinary incontinence. The treatment can be compiled with other treatments and can be repeated for continued or enhanced effects.

What are the benefits of the ALMI FemShot?

The ALMI FemShot treatment offers a range of benefits. It may be beneficial for those who are seeking a more natural approach to vaginal rejuvenation. As it uses cells from your own body, it may be appealing to those who are looking for treatments that do not use substances foreign to your body.

Is there any downtime to the treatment?

There is no downtime to the treatment, but patients should abstain from sexual activity for at least seven days after the treatment.

How often do I have to come for maintenance?

Most patients see and feel improvement after only one treatment. We recommend annual maintenance treatments for the best results.

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