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About the Treatment

What is it?

Stress urinary incontinence is an important clinical problem that affects millions of women worldwide. The Luksenburg system is a minimally invasive procedure that provides an alternative treatment for mild urinary stress incontinence in women, using platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injections and polydioxanone (PDO) threads. The Luksenburg system was found to effectively strengthen several areas of the female anatomy, including the paraurethral, suburethral, and lateral urethrovaginal spaces, as well as the mucosa of the anterior vaginal wall.

How is the treatment done?

By combining PRP injections with the placement of PCL threads, the system forms a mesh structure that is both fibrous and absorbable. This design aims to boost urethral resistance, preventing intravesical pressure from surpassing urethral pressure during physical exertion.

Why do the procedure? What are the benefits?

Luksenburg system is a safe and cost-effective alternative to invasive surgical procedures for patients experiencing all grades of urinary incontinence. It alsomay reduce the need for more aggressive invasive surgical procedures.

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